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Welcome to second semester. Mrs. Sutterlin's Physical Science students will find most of what they need on this blog. Check it EVERYDAY! Parents will find this helpful too.

Friday, April 11, 2014

S2 - Week 13 - Chemical Bonds

Monday: Due: Gizmo - Ionic Bonds; In Class: Notes - Chemical Bonding, Introduce Polyatomic Ions, Fishing for Ions Game, Ionic Models; HW: Ions and Ionic Compounds Worksheet

Tuesday: Due: Ions and Ionic Compounds Worksheet, Blizzard Bag; In Class: Review Lewis Diagrams, Finish Notes - Chemical Bonding, Electron Dot Diagrams, Demo Gizmo - Covalent BondsHW: Read Ch. 18 and complete Online Ch. 18 tutorial: Bonds and Bond Polarity, Study Guide

Wednesday: Due: Ch. 18 Tutorial: Bonds and Bond Polarity; In Class: Gizmo - Covalent Bonds, Gum Drop Models, Electron Dotting Game Wkst., Ch. 18 Wkst., Review for Quiz; HW: Study for Quiz (Periodic Table, Ions, and Bonding)

Thursday: Due: Study for Quiz; In Class: Chemical Bonding Quiz, Movie, HW: Final Exam Study Guide, Write an Element Poem (online only)

Element Poem Assignments:

Block 2: Liam (Mg), Joe (Au), Mitchell (Ag), Bridget (Ti), Michaela (Fe), Park (Rn), Michael R. (Cr), Kevin (Pb), Emma (Hg), Jack (Pa), Maddie (Kr), Justin (Ni), Cory (Sn), Nick (Pu)

Block 3: Cassie (Kr), Ben (U), Martha (K), Haylee (Hg), Kaylee (Cl), Jack (Pt), Sean (Rh), Nick C. (Ca), Nick P. (Pu), Grace (Cu), Zach (Ti), John (Au), Zeke (Ra), Brandon (Re), Brenna (Zn), McKayla (Mg), Hunter (?), Quintin (Fe), Brianna (?), Taylor (Ag), Kaitlyn (Co)

Block 4: Kate D (Au), Lydia (Ag), Rhys (Cr), Katherine F (Ca), Alex (U), Stephen (?), Sarah (Zn), Brittany (Cu), Nathan S (Co), Chris W (S), Matt F (As), Zoe (I), Caitlyn (Ti), Chris G (Pb), Kyle M (Pd), Nathan J (?), Alec (?), Brandan (?), Hannah (?), Emma (?)

** If you do not have an element please email your choice or request that I assign you one.  You cannot use an element that a classmate is using.

Friday: No School - Have a Great Spring Break!

Friday, April 4, 2014

S2 - Week 12 - Atoms, Ion, and Isotopes

Monday:  Due: Atomic Structure Wkst; In Class: Bell Work, Review HW, PEN game, review for Atoms quiz; HW: Study Guide

Tuesday: Due: Study Guide; In Class: Atoms Quiz, Notes - Nuclear ReactionsHW: None 

Wednesday: Due: None; In Class: Finish Notes, Wkbk pg. 84, Nuclear Decay Cards, Radioactive Decay Worksheet, Lab - Half Life, Video - HS Senior is a Nuclear Physicist; HW: Nuclear Reactions Worksheet, Study for Quiz

Thursday: Due: Nuclear Reactions Worksheet; In Class: Review Nuclear Reactions HW, Finish Half-Life Lab, Review Periodic Trends, Color Periodic Table; HW: Study for Quiz

Friday: Due: Study for Quiz; In Class: Nuclear Reactions Quiz, Notes - Chemical Bonding, Gizmo - Ionic Bonds, Introduce Polyatomic Ions, Fishing for Ions; HW: Ions and Ionic Compounds Worksheet

Sunday, March 30, 2014

S2 - Week 11 - Mid-Term Exam & Intro. Chemistry

If this is how you feel about
Physical Science work . . .
please see me before the Mid-Term Exam!

Monday: Due: None; In Class: Bell Work, Sound Beats, Sound QuizHW: Study for Mid-Term Exam, Index Card (3x5 card, handwritten on one side only)

Tuesday: Due: Index Card; In Class: Review for Mid-Term Exam; HW: Study for Mid-Term Exam

Wednesday: Due: Study for Exam; In Class: Mid-Term Exam; HW: None

Thursday: Due: None; In Class: Bell Work, Pre-Test, Video – The Size of an Atom, Notes Atoms; HW: None

Friday:Due: None; In Class: Review Bell Work, Finish Notes, Gizmo - Element Builder; HW: Atomic Structure Worksheet