Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 14 - Acceleration & Newton's Laws

"If I have seen further it is by standing 
on the shoulders of giants."
~ Sir Isaac Newton

Monday: Due: Study for Quiz, In Class: Quick Review; Motion Graphs Quiz, Work on Final Exam Study Guide, Review Mid-Term Exam; HW: Read 37-44 and take notes

Tuesday: Due: Notes on pg. 37-44; In Class: Notes - Acceleration, Practice Problems, Reaction Time Ruler; HW: Bonus due Friday

Bonus (due Friday): What is the relationship between age and reaction time?  Make a prediction and then use your completed Reaction-Time Ruler (made in class) to collect reaction time data on 1-2 adults (must be at least 20 years older than you, the older the better (i.e. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Teachers, etc.). Create a data table to record their name, age, gender, and 5 reaction times.  You are the ruler-dropper (the catcher cannot also be the dropper).  The catcher must have their hand resting on a surface (so that it does not move).  They may only use two fingers to catch the ruler.  The dropper (you) should release the ruler when the catcher is NOT anticipating it (expected drops will contaminate the data).  Do not record missed rulers (falls to the ground) or catches under 0.127 seconds (this indicates an expected drop). 2 bonus points will be awarded for each adult tested.  Write a short summary paragraph (2-3 sentences) about what you learned from this experiment.  Max. 5 pts. possible.

Wednesday: Due: None; In Class: Introduce Edible Cars, Spark Graphs for Acceleration; HW: 
Bring Edible Car Materials for Thursday, Study for Acceleration Lab Check

Thursday: Due: Edible Car Materials, Study Acceleration; In Class: Acceleration Wkst., Edible Cars; HW: Complete Edible Car Lab Paper

Click on the "Edible Cars" tab at the top of the blog 
to view video's from today's Lab!

Friday: Due: Edible Car Lab Paper, Bonus; In Class: 
Acceleration Lab Check, Mass vs. Weight Wkst., Notes - Newton's Laws; HW: Read and Take Notes on pg. 22-30


Happy Weekend!

Monday: Due: Notes on pg. 22-30; In Class: Finish Notes, Newton's 1st Law Wkst., Student Demos Presentation, Start Ch. 2 TutorialHW: Finish Ch. 2 Tutorial

Tuesday: Due: 
Ch. 2 TutorialIn Class: Newton's Laws Wkst, Newton's 2nd Law Wkst., Start Ch. 3 TutorialHW: Finish Ch. 3 Tutorial, Read and take notes on pg. 44-51

Safe travels and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 13 - Motion Graphing

Monday: Due: Liquid Density Lab, Study for Quiz; In Class: Quiz - Sci. Method and Density, Motion Pre-Test, Lab - Air Planes; HW: Notes on pg. 17-22

Tuesday: Due: Notes on pg. 17-22; In Class: Finish Air Plane Lab, Notes - Scalar vs. Vector Measurements, Walk the Graph; HW: None

Wednesday: Due: None; In Class: Bell Work, Walk the Graph
HW: Position vs. Time Graphing Wkst.

Breaking News:  ESO Lands Probe on Comet

Thursday: Due: 
Position vs. Time Graphing Wkst.; In Class: Spark Lab - Velocity Graphs; HW: Gizmo - Distance-Time Graphs + Online Questions, Study for Motion Graphs Quiz (Study GuidePractice Problems)

Friday: Due: Gizmo - Velocity-Time Graphs + Online Questions; In Class: Gizmo - Velocity vs. Time GraphsReview for QuizHW: Study for Motion Graphs Quiz (Study Guide, Distance vs. TimePractice Problems)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 12 - Density and Experimental Design

Monday:Due: None; In Class: Binder Clean Out, Metric Measurements, Design an Experiment; HW: Design an Experiment Worksheet, Science Binder (print Rubric), Bonus Opportunity:  Take Home Lab, due Thursday!

Tuesday: Due: Design an Experiment Worksheet; In Class: Conduct Designed Experiment, Notes - Density,  Ups and Downs of Density ; HW: Bring in Density Objects (small objects that sink or float in a ziplock bag: examples - thumb tacks, staples, corks, styrofoam, small plastic pieces, paper clips, nuts, bolts, no food, no liquids - Preview Tomorrow's Project)
Wednesday: Due: Bag of Density Objects; In Class: Bell Work, Finish Density Project; HW: Write Procedure for Liquid Density Lab (only one variable allowed - mass or volume - keep the rest the same!)

Thursday: Due: Study for Quiz, Bonus; In Class: Finish Density Project, Liquid Density Lab, Review for Quiz, HW: Complete Liquid Density Graph and Questions, Study for Density Quiz

Friday:  No School for Students - Teacher In-Service Day