Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 18 - Waves

Monday: Due: Textbook Problems, Gizmo, Study for Quiz; In Class: Review HW, Quiz - Electricity, Notes - Waves, Spoon Discussion, Demo - Mirrors; HW: Wave Fundamentals Worksheet

Tuesday: Due: Wave Fundamental Worksheet; In Class: Notes - Refraction and Lenses, How do Eyeglasses Work?; HW: Reflection & Refraction Worksheet

Wednesday: Due: Reflection & Refraction Worksheet; In Class:  Demo - Refraction and Lenses, Discuss Interference, Demo Gizmo - Sound Beats; HW: Waves Study Guide

Thursday: Due: Waves Study Guide (partially completed); In Class: Review Wave Phenomena, Introduce Sound, Demo - Instruments, ; HW: Sound Waves Worksheet, Waves Study Guide

Friday: Due: Sound Waves Worksheet; In Class: Sound Wave Stations; HW: Study for Waves Quiz

Friday, December 12, 2014

Week 17 - Heat & Electricity

Monday: Due: Radiation Lab; In Class: Review Radiation Lab, Lab Concept-Check, Worksheet, Review for Quiz; HW: Finish Thermal Energy Worksheet, Study Guide

Tuesday: Due: Thermal Energy Worksheet, Study for Quiz; In Class: Energy Quiz #1 - Thermal Energy, Notes - Electricity, Path Finders; HW: Read and Take Notes on pg. 192-203

Wednesday: Due: Notes on pg. 192-203; In Class: Finish Notes - Electricity, Lab - Series and Parallel; HW: Ohm's Law Worksheet

Due: Ohm's Law Worksheet; In Class: Review HW, Video - Electric Vocabulary, Notes - Circuits; HW: Circuits Worksheet, Electricity Study Guide

Friday: Due: Circuits Worksheet; In Class: Review HW, Gizmo - Circuits, Review for Electricity Quiz; HW: Textbook pg. 213 Plug and Chug #1-2, Think and Compare # 2-4Study for Quiz and the Final Exam

Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 16 - Energy, Work and Power

Monday: Due: Textbook Assignment; In Class: Video, Review HW, Finish Notes - Work-Energy Theorem; HW: Study for Quiz

Tuesday: Due: None; In Class: Lab-Shoe Drop, Review for Quiz; HW: Finish Lab Questions, Study for Quiz

Wednesday: Due: Lab Questions, Study for QuizIn Class: Review for Quiz, Quiz - KE/PEHW: Read and Take Notes on pg. 167-176

Thursday: Due: Notes on pg. 167-176; In Class: Notes - Energy, Thermal Energy Demos, Prep for Lab; HW: Read and Take Notes on pg. 177-187

Friday: Due: Notes on pg. 177-187; In Class: Radiation Lab; HW: Finish graphs and lab questions