Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SM2 - Week 10 - End of Qtr / Midterm

Monday 3/23
Due: Reactions Study Guide,
In Class: Review Reaction Study Guide, Midterm Study Guides
HW: Study for Reactions Quiz

Tuesday 3/24
Due: None
In Class:  Reaction Quiz, PARCC Information, Midterm Study Guides
HW: Midterm Study Guides & Note Cards

Wednesday 3/25 – End of Quarter 3
Due: None
In Class: Review Game
HW: Midterm Study Guides, Note Cards and STUDYJ

Thursday 3/26
Due: Midterm Study Guides
HW:  None

Friday 3/27
Due: None
In Class: TBA
HW:  None

Physical Science PBA is on Monday, March 30th.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

S2 - Week 9 - Reactions

Monday 3/16
Due: Notes pg. 449-455
In Class:  Chemical Equation Notes, Conservation of Mass Lab
HW: Ch. 20 Balancing Chemical Equations WS

Tuesday 3/17
Due: Ch. 20 Balancing Chemical Equations WS
In Class: Balancing Chemical Equations Gizmo
HW: Online Assessment Questions

Wednesday 3/18
Due: Online Assessment Questions
In Class: Formula for Ionic Compounds Lab
HW:  Practice Balancing Equations WS #1-6

Thursday 3/19
Due: Practice Balancing Equations WS #1-6
In Class: Balancing Equations with Beads Lab
HW: None

Friday 3/20
Due: None
In Class: Finish Bead Lab, Acid Concentration Lab
HW: Reactions Study Guide

Our Physical Science Midterm will be on Thursday, March 26th.  Continue to review and work on your midterm study guide.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

S2 - Week 8 - Mixtures

Monday 3/9
Due: Notes pg. 419-427
In Class: Notes – Mixtures & Solutions, Video, Classifying Matter Activity
HW:  None

Tuesday 3/10
Due: None
In Class:  Develop a Procedure to separate a mixture, Approval, Lab Prep - Separating a Mixture; 
HW: Read pg. 437-448 and take notes, Dress for Lab tomorrow

Wednesday 3/11
Due: Notes pg. 437-448
In Class: Lab – Separate a Mixture, Post Lab Questions
HW:  Study for Mixture Quiz

Thursday 3/12
Due: None
In Class: Mixture Quiz, Notes - Physical vs. Chemical Reactions, Physical vs. Chemical Reaction Wkst. 
HW: Read pg. 449-455 and take notes

Friday 3/13 – No School for Students