Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 14 - Newton's Laws of Motion

Monday 11/16:
Due: Notes on pg. 22-31
In Class: Notes - Newton's Laws, Discuss inertia
HW: None

Tuesday 11/17:
Due: None
In Class: Review Notes Quiz, Examples of Newton's Laws, Newton's 1st Law Wkst.
HW: Start Planning Newton's Laws Presentation

Wendesday 11/18:

Due: None
In Class: Newton's 2nd Laws Wkst, Ch. 3 Tutorial
HW: Notes on pg. 44-51, Work on your Newton's Laws Presentations

Video "What Happens When an Immovable Object Meets an Unstoppable Force?"

Thursday 11/19:
Due: Notes on pg. 44-51
In Class: Review HW, Newton's 3rd Law Tutorial, Student Demos Practice
HW: Newton's 3rd Law Wkst.

Friday 11/20:
Due: Newton's 3rd Law Wkst.
In Class: Student Demos Presentations, , Review for Quiz;
HW: Study for Quiz on Newton's Laws

Monday 11/23:
Due: Study for Quiz
In Class: Review, Quiz - Newton's Laws, Introduce Energy
HW: None

Tuesday 11/24:
Due: None
In Class: Lab - KE and PE, Discuss Work-Energy Theorem
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 6

Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 13 - Acceleration

Monday 11/9:
Due: Study for Quiz
In Class: Review Motion Graphs, Quiz - Motion Graphing, Work on Final Exam Study Guide
HW: Readh and Take Notes on pg. 37-44

Tuesday 11/10:

Due: Notes on pg. 37-44
In Class: Notes - Acceleration, Practice Problems, Reaction Time Ruler
HW: None

Wednesday 11/11: (Conferences)
Due: None
In Class: Acceleration Spark Lab
HW: Study for Acceleration Lab Quiz

Thursday 11/12:
Due: Study
In Class: Review Lab, Acceleration Lab Quiz, Mass vs. Weight - introduction of forces
HW: Read and Take notes on Ch. 2 pg. 22-31

Friday 11/13: (Conferences) No School

Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 12 - Motion

Monday 11/2: 
Due: Study for Quiz
In Class: Quiz - Sci. Method and Density, Lab - Air Planes
HW: Notes on pg. 17-22

Tuesday 11/3: 
Due: Notes on pg. 17-22
In Class: Finish Air Plane Lab, Notes - Scalar vs. Vector Measurements, Walk the Graph
HW: Finish calculations for graphs 3 and 4 from the notes (Show all of your work: GUESS format)

Wednesday 11/4: 

Due: Calculations for graphs 3 and 4 from the notes
In Class: Bell Work, Walk the Graph
HW: Position vs. Time Graphing Wkst. (print this out and complete it)

Thursday 11/5: 
Due: Position vs. Time Graphing Wkst
In Class: Gizmo - Distance vs. Time Graphs, Spark Lab - Velocity Graphs
HW: Gizmo - Online Questions, Study for Motion Graphs Quiz (Study Guide)

Friday 11/6: 
Due: Gizmo - Online Questions
In Class: Gizmo - Velocity vs. Time GraphsReview for Quiz
HW: Study for Motion Graphs Quiz (Study GuideDistance vs. TimePractice Problems)