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Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 5 - Atoms, Ions, Isotopes

Weekly Objectives:
1. Name the 3 basic subatomic particles and give their charge.
2. Determine the charge of any atom
3. Determine the charge of any ion given the number of protons and electrons
4. Explain how the atom keeps its basic shape
5. Sketch an atom and label the locations of protons, neutrons, and electrons
6. Identify different sections on the periodic table
7. Define and identify atomic number
8. Define, identify, and calculate mass number
9. Use the periodic table to determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom or ion
10. Explain what it means to be an isotope
11. Identify whether or not 2 atoms are isotopes
12. Define the term valence electrons
13. Explain the role of valence electrons in bonding
14. Use the periodic table to determine the number of valence electrons in an atom or ion

Monday: Due: Study for Quiz; In Class: Astronomy Quiz #2, Mid-Term Study Guide, Chemistry Pre-Test, Register for Online Textbook; HW: Read pg. 315-322 and take notes

Tuesday: Due: None; In Class: Bell Work, Video – The Size of an Atom, NearPod Notes Atoms; HW: My Learning Style (see links to the right)

Wednesday:Due: My Learning Style; In Class: Review Bell Work and notes quiz, practice quiz - atoms,  Gizmo - Element Builder; HW: Finish Gizmo Packet and Answer Online Questions

Thursday:  Due: Gizmo Packet & Online Questions; In Class: Bell Work, Review HW, PEN game, review for Atoms quiz; HW: Study Guide

Friday: Due: Study Guide; In Class: Atoms Quiz, Notes - Nuclear ReactionsHW: Element Poem

Element Poem Sample: 
Atomic weight of one, seems I under achieve. 
At room temperature I’m a real fie starter. 
My frequency everywhere makes you believe 
My twin and an O, gives you water 

Odorless, tasteless, it seems I’m hardly there 
Unless, of course, you’re organic 
The fear of a shortage may give you a scare 
But chill out, I’m abundant, don’t panic 

Could I be the next alterative fuel? 
I’m already the king of the stars. 
One day in the future, with oil I’ll duel 
And move cleanly all of your cars 

Do you know who I am? 
I’ll give you two guesses. 
But you’re only going to need one 
It’s me Hydrogen, the king of all gasses 
With the atomic number of one 
~ Alex Chancey

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4 - Stars and Sun

Monday: Due: Read pg. 804-811 and take notes; In Class: Review Stellar Cycle Activity, Video - The Life and Death of a Star; HW: None

Tuesday: Due: None; In Class: Notes - The Stellar Cycle, Challenge Cards; HW: Read pg. 767-773 and take notes

Wednesday: Due: Read pg. 767-773 and take notes; In Class: Lab - The Life Cycle of the Sun, Notes - The Sun; HW: Study for Quiz

Thursday: Due: None; In Class: Vided - Formation of Solar System, Outside - Tour of Planets, Discussion and Review for Quiz; HW: Study for Quiz

Friday: Due: None; In Class: OUTSIDE (Dress for weather) - Solar Scopes, Coranado Sun Scope, Video - The Sun, Review for Quiz, HW: Study for Quiz

Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 3 - Galaxies

"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."  
~ Galileo Galilei

Please start bringing a smart phone, tablet, or laptop to class if you have one (optional).
FREE Apps for Class: NearPod, Socrative Student, and Gizmos by Explore Learning (iPad only).

It's a boy!

Monday: Labor Day - No School

Tuesday: Due: Study Guide; In Class: Astronomy Quiz #1, Register for Gizmos, Gizmo - Star Spectra; HW: Finish Tutorial, Read Textbook pg. 816-825 (and take notes), write 5 questions about galaxies

Wednesday: Due: Read pg. 816-825 (take notes), write 5 questions on galaxies; In Class: Field Trip to LENSC Planetarium; HW: Read pg. 796-803 and take notes, Finish Star Spectra Gizmos + Online Questions

Thursday: Due: Read pg. 796-803, Star Spectra Gizmo + Online Questions; In Class: Review Star Spectra Gizmo, H-R DiagramHW: Gizmo: H-R Diagram

Thursday Telescope Night at LENSC @ 8:30 pm - Join Mrs. Sutterlin and a professional Astronomer to view the sky through different telescopes, learn to identify stars used for navigation, look for nebulae, satellites, shooting stars, visible planets (Saturn and Mars are up) and more.  We will meet in the field across from the LENSC.  Bring your own telescope or binoculars (if you can), and something to sit on (towel, blanket, beach chair, etc.).  Friends and family are welcome!  Also, you can download a free App called SkyMap to help  you locate objects in the night's sky using your smart phone or iPad.

Friday: Due: Gizmo; In Class: Finish H-R Diagram, Stellar Cycle ActivityHW: Read Textbook pg.  804-811 (and take notes)