Friday, April 24, 2015

S2 - Qtr 4 Wk 3 - Continuing Motion

Monday 4/20
Due: Comics Due
In Class: Distance Time & Velocity Time Graphs Gizmo
HW:  Complete online questions

Tuesday 4/21
Due: Online Questions
In Class:  Walk the graph Activity
HW: None

Wednesday 4/22
Due: None
In Class: Acceleration Lab
HW: None    

Thursday 4/23
Due: None
In Class: Motion Video, Study Guide
HW: Complete the study guide and study for the quiz

Friday 4/24
Due: Study Guide
In Class: Quiz, Newton’s Laws Notes
HW:  None

Thursday, April 16, 2015

S2 - Qtr 4 Wk 2 - Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration

Monday 4/13
Due: None
In Class: Scalar & Vector Measurement Notes, Airplane Lab
HW: Read and take notes on pg. 17-21

Tuesday 4/14
Due: Read and take notes on pg. 17-21
In Class:  Sci Method/Metrics/Density QUIZ, Distance Time Graphs Gizmo
HW: Complete the gizmo assessment questions

Wednesday 4/15
Due: gizmo assessment questions
In Class: Review DT Graphs, Average Velocity Lab
HW: Read and take notes on pg. 37-51

Thursday 4/16
Due: Read and take notes on pg. 37-51
In Class: Acceleration Notes, Calculating Acceleration Packet
HW:  Read and take notes on pg. 57-69

Friday 4/17
Due: Read and take notes on pg. 57-69
In Class: Understanding Crashes Video, Newton's Laws Comic 
HW: None

Thursday, April 2, 2015

S2 - Qtr 4 Wk 1 - Sci Method/Density

Monday 3/30
Due: None    
In Class: PARCC Test
HW: None

Tuesday 3/31
Due: None
In Class:  Finish movie, Go over midterm, Clean out binders, Sci Method/Metrics Notes
HW: None

Wednesday 4/1
Due: None
In Class: Density Notes, Density Gizmo Packet
HW: Metrics Packet

Thursday 4/2
Due: Metrics Packet
In Class: Go over Metrics Conversions, Sweet Density Lab, Density Study Guide
HW:  None

Spring Break Friday April 3rd – Sunday, April 12th.  Enjoy it, I'll see you on the 13thJ