Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 3 - Stars

"Equipped with his five senses, 
man explores the universe around him 
and calls the adventure science."  
~ Edwin Hubble

Due:  Study Guide
In Class: Quick Review, Astronomy Quiz #1(NearPod), Finish Gizmo - Star Spectra, H-R Diagram, Stellar Cycle Activity
HW: Read pg. 796-803 and take notes, Star Spectra Gizmo Online Questions

Due: Notes on pg. 796-803, Online Gizmo Questions
In Class:  Finish Stellar Cycle Activity, Notes - The Star Cycle
HW: None

In Class: Finish Notes - The Star Cycle, Challenge Cards, Stellar Cycle Concept Map
HW: Gizmo - H-R Diagram
Due: Gizmo - H-R Diagram
In Class: Video - The Life and Death of a Star, Notes - The Sun
HW: Read and Take Notes on pg.  804-811, Study for Astronomy Quiz #2

Due: Notes on pg.  804-811
In Class:  Activity - Life Cycle of the Sun, Solar Scopes (weather permitting)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 2 - The Universe

Monday 8/24:
Due: Cover Textbook, Assembled Science Binder, Read TXT pg. 825-832 sec. 34.5-end, Click on the Link (right) "Scale of the Universe" and explore for discussion
In Class: Grade binders, Discuss "Scale of the Universe", Finish Video
HW: Article - Scientific Laws, Theories, Hypotheses and Venn Diagram

Tuesday 8/25:

Due: Article - Scientific Laws, Theories, Hypotheses and Venn Diagram
In Class: Notes and Discussion on Big Bang Theory, EM Spectrum, , 
HW: Read and Take Notes on pg. 816-825, Quiz #1 Study Guide

Wednesday 8/26:
Due: Notes on pg. 816-825
In Class: Notes Quiz - History of the Universe (NearPod), Demo - Element Spectra, Activity - Doppler Effect and the Changing Universe, Binder Grading
HW: Ch. 34 Tutorial (optional), Click HERE to Study for Quiz

Thursday 8/27:
Due: None
In Class: Start Gizmo - Star Spectra (Activity A), Start Activity - Star Classificiation, Work on Study Guide for Astronomy Quiz #1 (Monday)
HW: Quiz #1 Study Guide

Friday 8/28:
Due: None
In Class: Finish Doppler Lab, Notes - Doppler Effect, Lab Quiz - Doppler Effect and the Expanding Universe (NearPod), Review for Quiz #1
HW: Click HERE to Study for Quiz

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 1 - Science Explorations

"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth 
the humble reasoning of a single individual."  
~ Galileo Galilei

Monday 8/17No School

Tuesday 8/18No School for Students

Wednesday 8/19No School for Students

Thursday 8/20 

Due: None
In Class: Review Syllabus, Complete Student Information Form, Getting to Know You
HW: Signed Contracts, Learning Styles Inventory

Friday 8/21

Due: Signed Contracts, Learning Styles Inventory;
In Class: Physical Science Pre-Test, Video - Beyond the Big Bang;
HW: Book Cover, Science Binder (print this RUBRIC),  Read Textbook pages 825-832 sections 34.5-end of Ch. 34, Click on the Link (right) "Scale of the Universe - Interactive!" and explore